Quail Ranch of Oklahoma 
Specializing in Bobwhite Quail is What We Do!

Ranch Delivery Service

We offer custom care private delivery of our Chicks, Started Quail, Early Release and Flight Conditioned Quail.

Our climate controlled trailer was specifically designed to successfully deliver your quail in the most healthy and proficient manner.

Call us and let us know what your needs are.


We are licensed and permitted to import your quail in all states.

Our delivery trailer can accommodate up to
4500 grown quail adequately.   

Scheduled delivery for your needs  is currently priced at $2.10 per loaded mile.

*Price is subject to change with current fuel prices.

Call for current price and scheduling. 


We offer delivery of your quail in our sanitized plastic crates. Your quail need to be unloaded or released at time of delivery for use of our re-useable crates; we offer this crate service at No Charge.  

We also offer new heavy duty cardboard transport boxes that are disposable for immediate drop off, at a cost of $5.00 per box.  Each disposable transport box can hold 20 to 25 grown quail.   

           Below are some pictures taken during a delivery for an early release quail program.  

                Unloading at delivery point                             Customer transporting to release area                              One of many feed stations