Quail Ranch of Oklahoma 
Specializing in Bobwhite Quail is What We Do!

Northern Bobwhite Quail

Started Quail Prices

 AGE PRICE per bird
1 weeks $1.50
2 weeks $2.50
 3 weeks   $3.00
 4 weeks   $3.25
5 weeks  $3.50
6 weeks  $3.75
7 weeks  $4.00
 8 weeks     $4.25 
9 weeks   $4.50
 10 weeks    $4.75 
  11 weeks     $4.75 
 12 weeks   $4.75 


Our Started Quail and Flight Birds are available by Scheduled Ranch Delivery. We are permitted and licensed to accommodate large deliveries in any state using our custom climate controlled trailer.

If you are needing just a few birds delivered or shipped, see our "CoveyPak"  as an option.

If you plan to Pick up quail here at the ranch, we have no bird minimum.

We offer Custom Care Delivery with a 300 bird minimum, currently priced @ $2.10 per loaded mile.

*Delivery price is subject to change with current gas prices. 

Ranch Pick-up by Appointment Only

If you cannot make your scheduled pick-up,

Please call at least 24 hours

prior to re-schedule.

We provide a clean new transport box for all Started Quail and Flight Birds @ a cost of $5.00 per large transport box, and $3.50 for our small transport box.

Each Large Transport Box will hold 

20 - 25 adult birds

Each Small Transport Box

will hold 10 - 12 Quail

No used, dirty boxes or crates will be accepted on Ranch pick-ups. 

This is for Bio-Security reasons. 

 Thanks again for your interest in

Quail Ranch of Oklahoma!

We specialize in
early release quail!

Call us now for your restocking or restoration program needs.

Early release quail are available for release in late August through November yearly. Our recommended release age for successful populations post release is 10 to 12 weeks of age, released during the natural "Fall Shuffle".

We work with 3 fantastic knowledgeable and experienced Wildlife Biologists in the Oklahoma Texas region, together we know what works!

Let us help you with a successful quail release project today!

Adult Flight Quail Prices  

October   $5.75 
November  $5.75
December    $6.00 
February    $6.25 
March   $6.50

    *Prices are subject to change due to increased operational costs, such as rising feed prices and fuel/propane used in production.

Our Adult Flight Birds are Available October through March yearly

We accept orders for Flight Birds year round.

Orders on Flight Birds can be booked 6 months to 1 year in advance.

If you know what your needs are per season, we ask that you call and book on or by June 1st prior to the fall season. This helps ensure availability and helps in our hatching schedule.

For your convenience we do keep Flight Birds in stock
during peak hunting months while they last.

We always sell out early, so book your Fall and Winter 2017-2018 Early Release Birds & Flight Birds NOW with a deposit.