Quail Ranch of Oklahoma 
Specializing in Bobwhite Quail is What We Do!

About Us

We are a commercial wildlife breeder licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, License #8229. We are involved with the National Poultry Improvement Plan, NPIP #2-949. Lynn is also a Authorized Field Testing Agent, licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Ag. We are also members of and actively involved in several organizations, NAGA (North American Gamebird Assoc.), Oklahoma State Game Warden Association, BSA (Bird Shippers of America), and Quail Unlimited.

We are a small but growing company, Family Owned and Operated.  Our ranch is located on 160 acres in Wardville Oklahoma, Choctaw Nation, the heart of Beautiful Green Country.  We devote our time exclusively in producing Northern Bobwhite Quail and have for over 17 years. We have our own hatchery and quail production grow-out facility. We take pride in the fact that we raise our own, hatch our own chicks in our newly enlarged hatchery, and we sell our own.  Because of this process you  will receive only Quality chicks and Premium Flight Conditioned Quail. We have built a positive reputation for consistent reliability to the Quality of our Premium Bobwhite Quail.

We are often asked why we only raise and specialize in Northern Bobwhite Quail.  The answer is that we believe remaining focused on one breed of the many various game bird  breeds available today insures we maintain the best genetic characteristics of our Quail. We take pride in consistent reliability to the Quality, Quantity, and date of order requests. Our goal is to provide a healthy non-medicated fully feathered flight conditioned wild bird. We also offer the necessary information and assistance for your success when utilizing bobwhite quail for your specific needs. 

We got started raising Bobwhites by our neighbor and friends who one day brought us two females and one beautiful male.  We fixed a wonderful home for them and soon they were laying eggs.  We took those eggs and incubated them and they hatched.  Soon from only a few birds we accumulated a small quail family.  We enjoyed watching them and listening to their many wonderful sounds,  and became intrigued with their unique qualities.  Our first year in business we raised 500 quail, today our hatchery hatches over 100,000 quail each year and still growing with all our repeat satisfied customers over the years.

We started learning all we could about this wonderful species.  This became a pleasurable hobby for us.  Soon we acquired other blood lines and started applying high standards to choosing breeder pairs.  We spent countless hours drawing and designing  the best possible choice of flight pens.  We also found that water is a key issue to raising these birds.  We designed a very unique, labor saving, water system, using the wonderful natural resource of water we have.  We have a continuous running artesian water well.  Fresh running water is so important to proper health.  All of our birds are raised with natural water, no chemicals, ever. 

To us this is not just a business, it is a rewarding hobby in many ways,  being that this is our passion and hobby we feel this makes us more attentive to the proper care and needs of our birds. We implement a strict conditioning and nutrition plan producing premium quail. Our company goal and dedication is to strive for excellence and perfection in our birds produced for you, our clients. We are a bio-secure and disease free tested facility. 

We also feel that being family owned and operated makes our business more personal.  We cater to dog trainers, the individual hunter or hobbyist needing only a few birds, or the preserve owner looking for hundreds or even thousands of quail.  We know we produce "wild top quality" explosive weather conditioned quail, as early release birds and for field and trial training.  Periodically we release flight birds on our ranch to personally observe and see exactly their performance and abilities.  This lets us know what you will receive from our efforts of selective breeding.  We look for the best feathering, wing and tail size, characteristics and behavior commonly seen in native wild bobwhite quail.  

Our  growth as a company is due to our wonderful customer base.  We would like to Thank You for your interest in our Quail Ranch, whether you are a repeat client or inquiring for the first time.


Garry and Lynn Webster
Owners & Operators