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Express Shipped CoveyPak

Special Note: We are currently taking orders for the CoveyPaks.  You are welcome to Order on line through our shopping cart, or you can call the Ranch Office 580.889.1300 Thank You. 



The "COVEYPAK" is excellent for the Hobby Farm, Bird Dog Training, Recall Johnny House, or the Wildlife Enthusiast!

>Do you miss hearing the distinguished "Bobwhite" whistle?
Bring it back to your property with a "COVEYPAK" release project, and enjoy the sounds of the Wild Bobwhite.

>Want to plan your very own "Fun Hunt"?
The "COVEYPAK" is ideal for a weekend fun hunt! 

>Does your dog need tuning up?
The "COVEYPAK" is the perfect choice for the bird dog owner or trainer.

>Are you looking for a Unique Gift?
Our "COVEYPAK" has become a wonderful gift, and it is definitely unique and one of kind.

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Female & Male Bobwhite

 Starter Kit 

Quail in "CoveyPak" Bio-Secure Container

Shipping Bulletin: Ship days are each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, shipped US Express Mail only, with 100% LIVE guarantee on the receiving end. Express mail is a two day service, if we ship your "CoveyPak" on Monday it should arrive on Wednesday and so on. To read additional shipping infomation click here.


We now have available a new SMALL "COVEYPAK" and a new LARGE "COVEYPAK"! We have added these two new CoveyPak's in addition to our ORIGINAL "COVEYPAK", we have been asked and asked for both a smaller and larger version of our COVEYPAK and now we have them.

We have newly sized Bio-Secure containers to ship them Express Mail right to your local Post Office --- Check them out and order now!

We began shipping our "COVEYPAK" about 6 years ago just by word of mouth. Due to the success and satisfied customers with the quality of our birds, and their performance, we are now adding this service to our website.

Order your "COVEYPAK" today with our 100% guarantee you receive premium weather conditioned and flight ready Bobwhite Quail!  Each “CoveyPak” contains 16 Northern Bobwhite Quail fully feathered and conditioned for release along with a starter kit.  In your starter kit you will find what you need for a turn-key successful release project. A bag of their special feed ration, a box knife to score and cut open an exit door, a location marking ribbon, and a package of Vita-Plus water additive. Along with a booklet of recommendations and suggestions for their care & handling and steps for a successful release. 

>>>The feed should be used at your release location, or if you will be putting your birds in a pen or cage, you can put the feed in a feeder pan of choice for them. 

>>>The Vita-plus water additive can be used in a regular poultry water container if you are putting the birds in a pen or cage. Or, for release, use a shallow disposable pan, like an aluminum cake pan. Mix the Vita-Plus in the water then poor in the pan at your release location along with the feed.

>>>The location marking ribbon is for tying on a tree limb, or brush near your release site. If used, it makes it really easy to keep up with the exact release location.

>>>Periodically it is a good idea to broadcast additional feed supplement in the same area of the release. Quail have very good “food memory”, they will re-visit the release location,  and if they continue to find supplemental feed, this aides in acclimation to their new territory. Tip 1: Supplemental feed can consist of whole milo, whole wheat, cracked corn, or a poultry Scratch grain mix. Once a week for two to three weeks, broadcast, (or hand scatter) supplemental feed liberally on the ground in the release location.


Tip 2: Giving a small water pan at the release location is merely recommend because the birds have been in transit and giving them the water with the Vita-Plus will give them a jump start prior to having to find water sources in the wild on their own. Quail are like all animals, they will find water. Quail tend to get their daily moisture intake through morning dews, bugs, and also creeks and ponds. The pan of water given at the time of release should be removed when you remove the transport container. 



What customers are saying about the "COVEYPAK:

Florida: Great experience in Every Way! Thanks. - Warren C.

Pennsylvania: Hi Thank you so much the quail arrived safe and sound around 6 this morning, they are beautiful. I will be ordering again in the near future. Thanks again, R. Carl

California: Best flying pen raised bobwhite I've ever used, flew as well as wild birds. Repeat flushes were possible.
Thanks. Ron L.

You have a fantastic service! Thank You - Patrick B.

 I will definitely be ordering 3 more next season with you. Brandon B.

: Very Happy, birds look Great! I will be calling again. John W.

Virginia: Thanks for the new breeder stock these are good lookin birds! James W.

Massachusetts: The birds arrived in Great Shape. Thanks for the follow up! Joe M.

South Texas: Can I get 2 more of these CoveyPaks? They are really nice to see on my land, seeing them around my feeders,
I want to release more. Thanks! Lee T.

Colorado: Your birds are very flighty and performed fantastic for our fun hunt! Very turn key, I didn't have to travel for hours to buy birds. Ben P.

Arizona: My husband built a nice pen for the birds, we have them in it now and they are such a joy to listen too. Thanks for all your help. Dora C.

Kentucky: Thanks for the great service and great birds! Tim P.

Idaho: We are so pleased with the birds and having them in our recall pen, can't wait to start some dog training! Paul A.

Colorado: My quail arrived on time and in great health.  Birds flew like wild quail; I was very impressed as was my dog.  I would like to order another covey - pac. Dr. William N.
West Texas: This was so handy to have birds to release and hunt during my vacation, glad I found you guys! Bobby S.

New Jersey: I needed to tune up my dog bad, I am so pleased with your birds they are very spirited and who does a follow up anymore? Great to find professionals and I will be a regular customer! Dan M.

Georgia: Thanks for all your help, Great birds and great service! Mak K.

They all look great and I know they are good fliers because during my clumsy transfer to a cage one has made a flying bid for freedom. You’ll be hearing from me again. Thanks, Jay A.

I received the birds and everything was just fine. Thanks, Steve J.

New York: Birds arrived in excellent condition! William K.

Montana: Great service and very pleased with your birds, they are very healthy! DeDe G.

Nebraska: Very energetic bunch of birds.  Thank you for all that you did to support this order.  You have a long-term customer. Steve R.