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Specializing in Bobwhite Quail is What We Do!

Bobwhite Hatching Eggs


~Our eggs are shipped seasonally and generally ship starting in March ~

*Start dates for shipping are dependent on weather*

~We do recommend to order early to ensure availability and placement on our schedule ~

Thank you and if you have any questions please email or call the Ranch office. 

We specialize in the Northern bloodline strain of bobwhite quail. There are many strains available out there, and we have concentrated on a wild Northern strain that is similar in size and performance of the native wild Bobwhite quail typically found in the NW Texas, Oklahoma, and Southern Kansas habitats. We take pride in preserving a strain more suitable for release into the wild for re-stocking or repopulation programs.

Our breeders are rotated on a yearly basis and raised on  wire floor large colony pens. We feed them a high quality game bird ration. Our breeding ratio is 2:1, we run 2 hens to 1 cock, for high fertility rates in our hatching eggs.

We will include with your egg shipment:

Incubation Tip Sheet and Chick Care Tip Sheet

NPIP 9-3 Form

When hatching eggs are available, please call the ranch office (580.889.1300) and we would be glad to assit you with an order or you can order on-line using our secure shopping cart.


Eggs are gathered twice daily
to ensure freshness


We ship eggs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only to ensure timely arrival. They will be shipped US Mail Priority.  You will receive eggs that are fresh, we ship eggs the day they are laid to give you the freshest hatching eggs possible. We do not ship old eggs! Eggs that we collect on Friday, Sat., and Sun., we set ourselves in our hatchery. We send only clean, uniform, straight from the hen eggs. They will be protected in foam packaging to ensure little or no breakage while in transit.  Because of conditions beyond our control during shipping or incubation, we are unable to guarantee hatchability. But, all eggs we ship will be fresh, fertile, and guaranteed to arrive in good condition.

Ranch Office Phone 580.889.1300
Incubation Info:


Dry Bulb (°F)

Wet Bulb (°F)

 Transfer to
Do Not Turn
Dry Bulb (°F)
Wet Bulb (°F)
Bobwhite Quail
 23-24 days 100 °F 84-86 °F   On morning of 21st day
After 20th day

99 °F 

 90-94 °F
It is best to have your machine running for at least 1 to 2 days prior to setting your eggs. This will ensure that your temperature and humidity are exactly where they should be prior to putting the eggs in. Above is a chart showing the recommended incubation temperature and humidity for bobwhite quail eggs.

Your eggs are incubator ready, there is no need to wash the eggs.

Always have clean hands when handling the eggs as your skin produces oil and can clog the pores of the shell.
Always set your eggs with the big end up. This enables the embryo to remain oriented in a proper position for hatching.
Eggs must be turned during incubation at least 4 -6 times per day.
Do not turn eggs during the last 3 days before hatching.
The air vents should be almost fully open during the latter stages of hatching.

Returns are not accepted due to the nature of our product, however, if you have received an unusual amount of broken eggs we will send you replacements. Please note that we include extra eggs to ensure you receive the number of eggs paid for. Please contact us immediately if you have any issues or problems with your order. If for any reason you are not satisfied upon receipt of your eggs, contact us and we will be glad to correct your concern to your satisfaction.

  • Eggs ship on Mon., Tues., Wed., or Thurs.
  • We cannot ship eggs to Hawaii, Canada, or Puerto Rico
  • We can ship to Alaska and lower 48 states ONLY
  • We have Import Permits on file for the states that require them  
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